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Jumin Han

Voiced by: Yongwoo Shin

Jumin Han (한주민, Han Ju-min) is a 27-year-old successor to C&R International, an organization possessed by his father. He has short dark hair, and dim eyes and is consistently on excursions for work, he gets a kick out of the chance to wear tuxedos,[a] and isn’t utilized to ‘everyday person’ food. Jumin is a feline sweetheart guaranteeing that the main felines comprehend and are faithful to him. He possesses a Persian feline named Elizabeth the third and can’t stand when another person monikers her – particularly 707, who gives her the epithet “Elly”. Because of his exceptionally special childhood, Jumin has a totally different point of view on the world, which frequently carries him into a direct clash with Zen. In any case, he doesn’t especially appear to really tend to think about others’ opinions of him however makes it a point of his power to help RFA individuals when one of them is in trouble. He and V are cherished, lifelong companions because of their family foundation and in light of them being neighbors and classmates.


Voiced by: Jang Kim

Harmony (adapted as ZEN) is the stage name of Hyun Ryu (류현, Ryu Hyeon), a 24-year-old melodic stage artist.[9] He has fair skin, red-earthy colored shaded eyes, and white-hued hair that is short at the front and long at the back, inferring that he’s a pale-skinned person. Regardless of being narcissistic because of his looks, he believes that individuals should recognize him for his abilities and character all things considered. Harmony loves to exercise and practice continually to consummate his abilities. He apparently is oversensitive towards Jumin, nicknaming him “Mr. Trust Fund Kid” and denying any assistance from him. He is oversensitive to felines (explicitly feline fur), sniffling in any event, when the word ‘feline’ is mentioned.Zen is additionally extremely defensive of different individuals, particularly the hero, and consistently cautioned her to be careful about the folks and their ‘wolf disposition’.

In Zen’s storyline, it is uncovered that he has a troublesome relationship with his folks and that he ventured out from home at age 16 to seek after acting. He possesses a motorbike kept away and was once saved by V after a mishap.

Harmony’s birthday is on April first and he turned into the concentration in the game’s April’s Fools DLC.


Voiced by: Youngsun Kim

707, or his baptismal name Luciel Choi (최 루시엘, Choi Lusiel) is a 22-year-old programmer and insight specialist, he is likewise the person who made the RFA Messenger application. 707, likewise alluded to as Seven, has short wavy red hair, and golden eyes and is a self-broadcasted dedicated Catholic who loves to eat unhealthy food (particularly Ph.D. Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips). He has an extremely naughty demeanor and loves felines in a ‘one-of-a-kind way. His side interests incorporate gathering sports vehicles and hacking. Notwithstanding his apparently lighthearted, accommodating character, he generally cautions different individuals to “stay away” from him due to his occupation as a spy. 707 will in general break the fourth wall more than anybody in the game.


Voiced by: Kyuhyuk Sim

Yoosung Kim (김유성, Kim Yu-seong) is a 21-year-old undergrad and an internet gamer. Because of his gaming propensities, he lacks the capacity to deal with examining in spite of being sufficiently shrewd to get a grant at his school, SKY University, and get a temporary job offer from Jumin. Yoosung is additionally Rika’s assenting cousin. He can’t continue on after her demise, as he respected her despite the fact that they possibly met when he was a sixth grader.

Rika was Yoosung’s greatest impact. Rika’s passing obviously hit him so hard that main playing LOLOL could occupy him from his misery. Because of this, he likewise at first contrasted the hero and Rika such a great amount to the point that he would consider her to be Rika’s substitution.

Jaehee Kang

Voiced by: Jeonghwa Yang

Jaehee Kang (강제희, Kang Jae-hee) is as of now the main female individual from RFA other than the protagonist. She is a 26-year-old Chief Assistant at C&R International and Jumin’s own partner. She has earthy-colored pixie-trim-styled hair, and earthy-colored eyes and at first showed up as indifferent, serious, and dubious of the hero’s abrupt appearance. In spite of this, she really loves Zen, and her character changes while she’s discussing him. She will in general be exhausted by Jumin and is compelled to deal with Elizabeth the third, despite the fact that she can’t stand it when feline hair is all around her home. She is additionally compelled to keep her hair short and wears glasses despite the fact that she has fine visual perception because of Jumin’s approach. Her course is the main course that isn’t expressly romantic.


Voiced by: Hosan Lee

V, whose genuine name is Jihyun Kim (김지현, Kim Ji-hyeon) is 27 years of age, a lifelong companion of Jumin, and the head of RFA. He was Rika’s life partner. V is exceptionally defensive of his companions and would prefer to be put to fault or conceal mysteries from RFA to hold them back from getting injured. He doesn’t show up in the courier frequently and is frequently reprimanded for maintaining such a large number of mysteries from RFA. It is uncovered that he wears a couple of shades to conceal his eyes subsequent to getting into a mishap where he started progressively losing his sight.

At first, being a side person, in September 2017 Cheritz delivered Another Story which permits the player to foster a relationship with V.


Voiced by: Hyunjin Lee

Rika (리카) is revered by RFA’s individuals since the association was established by her and V, her ex-fiancee. She had extreme mental issues since the beginning brought about by her father leaving her and her mom ending it all. Her psychological issues deteriorated after her canine, Sally, got killed because of her visual deficiency. It is subsequently figured out that Rika isn’t dead, but rather established Mint Eye, a faction that is after RFA. She endeavors to take party visitors from the RFA to welcome them to her new association. She guarantees that she believes the whole world should be blissful, and wants for them to come to “Heaven.” She works with Unknown in Mint Eye and is called Savior by her adherents.

In Another Story, apparently, Rika might show interest in the principal character. One of the Bad Ending course choices permits the player to accompany Rika.


Voiced by: Kang Soo-jin

Obscure (likewise alluded to as ‘???’ in the visual novel mode and ‘Beam’ in Another Story) is a programmer who drove the hero into Rika’s loft and is essential for a strange religion called “Mint Eye”. He shows up as the main bad guy and causes the greater part of the awful endings in the game.

Obscure’s genuine name is Saeran and he is the twin sibling of 707. He was the more fragile of the twins and was in many cases mishandled and secured by their mom.

In Another Story, he is called Ray and seems to have a parted character who is alluded to as Saeran. Beam draws the primary person into Mint Eye under the reason of her testing a game, attempting to persuade her that individuals from the RFA are AIs and not genuine individuals. Saeran’s character is exceptionally forceful, pompous, and loaded with rage while Ray is extremely delicate, smart, and tenacious towards the principal character, both have a resolute dedication towards Rika.

Toward the finish of his course, his two characters become one, and he is alluded to as Saeran, albeit the MC can, in any case, decide to call him Ray.

Saeran likewise displays numerous characteristics of the marginal behavioral condition, for example, a contorted feeling of personality rushed endeavors to stay away from surrender, serious temperament moves, a prejudice toward being distant from everyone else, incautious and self-harming conduct, and a prompt and extraordinary connection to the MC. His voice entertainer Kang Soo-jin, who himself’s identity is determined to have the marginal behavioral condition, has deciphered Saeran as having the analysis too, which he examines in his Free Talk for Secret 02.