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Zenitsu independently overwhelmed and killed an Upper Rank demon.


Generally Abilities: From the start, Zenitsu puts on a show of being a capable and talented Demon Slayer however he denies this. Zenitsu’s actual strength stirs when he is sleeping, as that is the point at which his nerves that ordinarily hold him back from getting to his actual strength give out, making him more wise, quiet, and exact in battle, which permitted him to behead the Tongue Demon and rout the Son Spider Demon without anyone else quickly. He was later ready to protect 3 whole train trucks enduring an onslaught by Enmu, Lower Rank One, alongside Nezuko. A couple of months from that point onward, he had the option to face a stirred Daki with the help of Inosuke, and later figured out how to rush her with Thunderclap and Flash: God Speed. As additional confidence in his solidarity, Zenitsu had the option to progress to the most noteworthy purpose in the Hashira Training.


Nonetheless, his actual strength appears to show when Zenitsu can battle while alert, as he figured out how to match the new Upper Rank Six, Kaigaku, in power without anyone else and later blitzed and beheaded him before he could respond, in spite of the fact that he supported a few serious wounds. In any case, it was shown that his sensations of disappointment and despair were the main things keeping Zenitsu from promptly killing Kaigaku, his previous senior. Additionally, he could stay aware of and overwhelm the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji, though he was seriously debilitated by the Anti-Kibutsuji Drug. In any case, Zenitsu’s solidarity without a doubt paired with that of the Hashira toward the series’ end.