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Customizing a body pillow as a present for friends and family is a good choice.

A custom-made body pillow may make you feel better, and if you’re lonely at night, you can snuggle up to your unique cushion and feel as if you had the whole world to yourself!

A pleasant hug pillow is worth picking if you want to relieve your weariness with a custom body cushion.

Snoring may be reduced and sleep quality improved by using a custom body pillow.

Custom Human Shaped Pillows are absolutely one-of-a-kind! … You may choose the cushion you receive by just uploading your favourite photograph. After your first upload, you may relax and let us do the job of creating a unique cushion for you and your loved ones.

Neck discomfort affects a large number of individuals. It might be the consequence of regular pressures like job, or it could be the effect of bad sitting posture. Sitting in front of a computer or mobile device for lengthy periods of time may place extra pressure on the neck.

A pillow’s purpose is to maintain the neck in perfect alignment with the rest of the spine, allowing the muscles to relax and not overextend.

The way a person sleeps is crucial. The majority of individuals prefer to sleep on their sides. Others like to sleep on their stomachs, while others prefer to sleep on their backs.

Generally speaking:

To keep their neck aligned with their spine, side sleepers should choose for a thicker cushion.

Start with a medium pillow that supports the neck while allowing the head to relax for back sleepers.

To avoid neck extension, stomach sleepers should use a very thin pillow.

To achieve proper neck position when sleeping, each sleeper will need a particular kind of pillow. This is critical because poor neck position may aggravate or exacerbate current discomfort and hinder the neck from sleeping at night.

We print on 2-Way Tricot (2WT), which is generally considered the best type of material out there, at least in comparison to peach skin, natural velvet, and smooth knit.

Sure thing! Our partner program is designed to help independent artists and VTubing personalities with the sales, production, and international logistics of taking your dakimakura design public.

Exact details—such as our revenue sharing agreement—can change over time. So if you are interested in selling your merchandise through our store’s partner program, please e-mail us at [email protected] for the most up-to-date information.

We recommend hand-washing your dakimakura in cold water with a bleach-free detergent. After soaking your cover for a bit in the cold, soapy water, you may use a toothbrush to gently brush out any stains you might have. After you’re done, gently wring it out a little bit then hang the cover up to dry and put a bucket underneath because it’s probably going to drip water for some time!

We don’t particularly recommend the use of a washing machine, but if you want to go that route, standard precautions for delicates apply.

Finally, we do not recommend tumble drying.

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How to use Custombodypillow

Step 1: Select your favorite photos.
Step 2: Upload your photos to Custombodypillow.
Step 3: Pick your favorite design.
Step 4: Resize your photos.
Step 5: Order your artwork!
You have complete control over the photographs, graphics, and text that appear on your personalized body pillow.
Upload your photographs or photos, then resize them. We print immediately onto the cloth when your design is finished and your purchase is made. There are three stages to completing your transaction, which include free delivery worldwide.

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