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2023 Chinese New Year

Note: Chinese New Year is approaching and all orders placed after 2023/1/9 will be made after the 2023/1/27.

Chinese New Year 

This year China has liberalised the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic and our company was all infected. We have all recovered but are still weak, so we decided to take a few more days off to let everyone rest.

Chinese New Year is approaching, and it is time to start the preparations for the most important holiday of the year. The preparations usually include many different things such as cleaning your house, buying new clothes, or even buying new furniture. 

The custom of giving blessings on New Year’s Day is an ancient one, and it has been practiced by most nations.

We wish all our customers a happy new year!


Finally, as you can see, if you would like to order please do so before 2023/1/9.





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