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Your Waifu will constantly be near you with this Darkness pad cover

Assuming that you likewise have a peculiar fascination for torment and tears. You have most likely made the delightful blonde young lady Darkness your Waifu. Regardless of her masochistic side, she can be delicate and cuddly.


Why a Body Pillow Darkness?

Since she is youthful, tall, lovely, and fearless obviously! As you likely know, Darkness is one of the three female heroes of the series. Try not to remain alone. Your waifu will constantly be with this dakimakura cover. On account of this pad cover, your fantasies will be loaded up with amazing fights with your number one crusader. Also, with its pad, you will safeguard yourself from back and neck torment.


She gives herself respectable, glad, and mature airs, yet you will rapidly find her totally insane side. She is known to be a masochistic degenerate, and her most noteworthy craving is to track down a strong individual for battling against. Might you at any point be the person who can contend with her horrendous impulses?


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